25 thoughts on “Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United – Official Highlights | FA Cup 3rd Round Proper 08-01-12”

  1. OK, that red card was pretty ridiculous, but otherwise this looked like it
    was a pretty impressive match. Also, on a side note, Thierry Henry is on
    loan at Arsenal of all places, and he scored on his re-debut (Thierry Henry
    goal & Official Highlights – Arsenal 1-0 Leeds Utd | FA Cup 3rd Round
    Proper 09-01-12).

  2. Great game, both sides played well, would like to see a Manchester derby
    were both teams have 11 men though!!

  3. So.. it takes a red for united to barely scrape out 3-2 after a PK denied
    which would have made it 3-3. just proves how much better city is with 10
    men they still came back from 3 goals down to what should hav been 3-3
    celebrate the FA Cup red devils because the title is going to the noisy

  4. Manchester city 7 titles in npower champion……Manchester united 19
    titles in premier league!!!!!!!!!

  5. manchester united are that shit, they were a man up and barely kept a 3-0
    lead,, when man city were a man up they built on the lead and made it 6-1.
    therefore man city are a better team.. i dont realy care for these teams as
    im a liverpool supporter, just giving my opinion

  6. If you ever played the game, you remember that two footed tackle were
    legal, but after many leg brakes & career ends, the rule was rightfully

  7. REVENGE IS SWEET UH !…we spent millions on great players not to referees
    to call the game….NOT a sending off….and a PENALTY for city not
    given….10 man city at 3-2 was embarrassing for utd….fergie was more
    embarrassed than jubilant….that was as embarrassing as the 6-1
    kicking….this was not revenge….this was a embarrassing show of back

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