Sven Starts with a Win

Sven-Goran Eriksson wouldn’t have expected his reign as the manager of the Philippines national team to begin any better than it began. The Eriksson reign began with a victory with the Azkals beating Singapore by a narrow margin of 1 goal, whilst playing at home.

While from the result point of view, it was a perfect beginning for Eriksson as his team got all the three points, he will find a lot of flaws in the performance when he sits down and analyses because the Azkals were nowhere close to their best. Continue reading Sven Starts with a Win

Philippines soccer improving

There are signs that the level of football in the Philippines is improving. Indeed the national team has managed to win two games in the Southeast Asian (SEA) games.

This is the first time that the Philippines national team has won a match since 2011 and it is the first time in their history that they have managed to win two games in a single competition.

This is a major improvement over the last SEA games where the Philippines side suffered four defeats in four matches.

Although the wins have come against the weaker sides of the tournament, there are signs that the level of football in the Philippines is rising. And when you know that most of the players come from clubs playing in the domestic leagues you know that the Philippines soccer federation is doing something right.

Indeed the federation has invested in the development of glass root soccer, and this is definitely bringing dividends. The federation has created a number of competition for the youths and implemented different competition targeting different age groups. Continue reading Philippines soccer improving


The Philippine and Vietnamese navies got together to play soccer recently in the disputed South China Sea island, according to reports.

The navies of both sides have been playing various games on the island for a while but the latest was on Thursday when they met on Southwest Cay.

The Philippine side confirmed that it was the third event since 2014 between both sides on the island. The island in the Spratly Archipelago used to be held by the Philippines but the Vietnamese are in control now.

Both nations are concerned by the assertiveness of the Chinese authorities in the disputed region. They played soccer, volley ball, tug-of-war and other games as part of exchanges to demonstrate unity against the Super nation in the Far East. Continue reading PHILLIPINES AND VIETNAM TAKE SOCCER TO DISPUTED WATERS

Philippines kicked off their 2019 AFC Asian Cup in dominating form

The Philippines national football team has recently been suffering surprising and disappointing defeats and this is especially evident by their results during the 2016 AFF Championship where they lost against Thailand on November 25 of 2016 and sustained successive draws with Singapore and Indonesia in that same month.

After such an underwhelming string of results, the head coach of the Philippines national side Thomas Dooley has managed to bounce back and push his team to a remarkable 4-1 triumph over Nepal in their 1st 2019 AFC Asian Cup qualification match which was played on March 28.

This victory puts Philippines at the top of group F with 3 points secured from 1 match which is the same amount of points as Yemen but their goal difference is slightly worse. Continue reading Philippines kicked off their 2019 AFC Asian Cup in dominating form

Danny Rose disclosed an interesting story about Mauricio Pochettino

Danny Rose recently disclosed an interesting story about how Mauricio Pochettino had attempted to make a fool of him during his first year in charge at Tottenham and how he had fallen in his trap and had started sulking.

According to Rose, it was the summer of2014 when Rose was having a great time playing for the Spurs and life had been pretty good to him all around because he had earned a place in the Three Lions squad as well through his club performances.

But, then suddenly one day, he was shocked when Pochettino conveyed to him that Tottenham was thinking about parting ways with him as a pretty profitable bid had come for him.

It was hugely disappointing for Rose because he desperately wanted to stretch his career with Tottenham at that point in time. So, that news just put his mood off.

But, then later on that same day, the boss relieved him by letting him know that it was only a joke that he had played on him and that he was going nowhere from White Hart Lane as the club was not entertaining any bid. Continue reading Danny Rose disclosed an interesting story about Mauricio Pochettino


The Ceres Negros FC management denied that they will be fielding another team in Mindanao for the inaugural Philippines Football League next year.

Club Administrator Nicolas Golez, over the weekend, said that there’s only one Ceres FC team for the upcoming national league.

Late last week, a report from a Mindanao-based paper said that aside from Bacolod, the multi-titled Ceres FC will have another for Davao City.

Meanwhile, the Ceres FC team is currently on vacation and will resume camp on December 26 for the Asian Football Confederation Qualifying tournament in February – which Panaad Park and Stadium will serve as the home turf.

For its inaugural season Philippine Football Federation General-Secretary lawyer Edwin Gastanes said that PFL will only have one division – playing in a home-and-away, double round-robin format with top four teams advancing in the semis and later in the finals. Continue reading CERES FC DENIES NEWS OF HAVING TWO TEAMS IN PFL

John Burridge on Philippines Soccer Growth

John Burridge reckons basketball is the real hindrance in the growth of soccer in Philippines

Burridge says the Filipinos bother very little about any sport other than basketball. Everyone is into Basketball and with everyone’s attention on that one sport only, the potential in other sports especially the Footballing potential which the country has got more than any of its neighbouring countries is going a waste as most of it is left undeveloped.

As per Burridge, Soccer does not come even on no. 2 among favourite sports in Philippines and apart from basketball; the next sport that the Filipinos take interest in is boxing

Burridge reveals that the soccer knowledge of the Filipinos is such that hardly anyone of them has any idea about Diego Maradona and when he mentions the name Maradona to them, they ask if he was talking about the singer Madonna or what.
Continue reading John Burridge on Philippines Soccer Growth

Thomas Dooley of Philippines talks about the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup

Thomas Dooley is the head coach of the Philippines national football team and he has recently voiced his thoughts about the upcoming 2016 edition of the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup which is scheduled to kick-off on November 19 and conclude on December 17 of the ongoing year.

The Philippines national football team has consistently struggled on making it past the group stages. From 1996 until 2007, Philippines never managed to make it past the group rounds of the competition but in the following years they have been able to reach the semi-finals but that is the furthest that Philippines has ever reached.

Thailand are the current champions of the AFF Suzuki Cup and are the favorites of defending it as well. The Thailand national side has won this competition on 4 occasions which is the highest amount of times for any team along with Singapore who has also lift the title 4 times.

In the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup, Philippines was pitted in the same group as Thailand and the head coach of the Philippines national side has talked about what it’s like of being placed with the current champions as well as with Singapore and Indonesia.
Continue reading Thomas Dooley of Philippines talks about the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup

The Young Philippines Soccer Player Gets Into The National Team

The Philippines has some talented soccer players and Trinity Wambolt is one of them. She was recently at Lasso where she played with the youth soccer team on behalf of the Philippines.

It was part of the regional champions for the Asian Football Confederation. Even though she hails from Mississauga, her mother being a native of the Philippines has allowed her to play and represent this country. She is a young player with talent and promise, a reason that she was selected to be part of the under 14 team that has played in the Asian Confederation games in Laos.

She was definitely thrilled with the opportunity that she was given. It is definitely the dream of any young player to move on to national teams and that the opportunity would be given to her so early was beyond her expectations. She had helped her team win silver in the tournament that encompassed eight teams. She stated that initial days were hard as most people missed their homes, but that also built the closeness of the team and helped them to win the match. Even though the practices were grueling it was a good experience for her. Continue reading The Young Philippines Soccer Player Gets Into The National Team