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  1. Suarez Looked Toothless Says Bully. #Arsenal 2 #Liverpool 0. #AFCvLFC #AFC
    #LFC #Goonerfamily #COYG

  2. I agree..Rosicky had been playing just brilliantly..he had been pacy..teh
    passes had been spot on and weighted to perfection..juts shows when he is
    fit he can do so much more..Lets hope for the best for Man u game!!!

  3. Funny. So much changed in a week. OZil looked toothless,Giroud,Arteta and
    Wenger looked long tooth after OT.

  4. Funny. So much changed in a week. OZil looked toothless,Giroud,Arteta and
    Wenger looked long tooth after OT.

  5. Please which of the stations did a piece on Bully? I have been trying to
    search for it on Google but haven’t been successful.

  6. Suarez would be good, but I have a feeling he wouldn’t quite fit in at
    Arsenal, too controversial, and if Real Madrid give the slightest hint of
    interest he’d be gone in a heart beat.. If these EL Sharawy rumors are
    true, he would be great, pacy, alternate to Giroud, and can play on the
    left and the right as well as up front.. he’s also 21, and room for Wenger
    to mold him into the Arsenal set up..

  7. We could get good money for theo, wouldnt be bad 34mill if the rumors are
    true to Monaco. Maybe enough for a suarez, rooney, or lewandowski quality
    player! Dont forget about that Southampton match Robbie

  8. same as Arsenal use to win trophies but cant right now they use to beat su
    they cant now,doesnt matter if they’re different from Last year and i dont
    think you guys will beat United,even tho they’re kinda shitty this season

  9. The rivalry is mostly won by Arsenal, you can look it up, last year Arsenal
    aren’t the same as today’s Arsenal

  10. ya offcourse thats the real game,where you guys get whooped by us as usual
    and actual they did use a B team Arsenal so did Chelsea,maybe you made a

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  12. Because we played with out B team. We need our game for the this match. In
    Spain and other countries they don’t have to play another cup other than
    the official cup. The abandoned them. Let’s wait for December 23 2013 for
    the real game between Arsenal vs Chelsea.

  13. I have seen this guy alot! Even before this channel and the interviews,
    like when they put the camera on the crowd! My eyes automatically goes to

  14. We should get Richards he support Arsenal and only 25 or even Hummels, make
    an investment in defence like a world class brick wall it wil pay dividend
    in the end, look at man utd bought Ferdinand and has won every trophy with
    10 years service. We should get buy a world class steam train in defence it
    will pay dividends in the end

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