25 thoughts on “Evans In Midfield? | Manchester United vs Swansea – FA Cup | PREVIEW”

  1. Did Howard Webb really have an agenda when those penalties went against us
    vs Spurs? That + a look ahead to the FA Cup 3rd round at the weekend

  2. Top players dont want to sign for a mid-table club not in the CL. This will
    be the reality come end of season. RVP will be gone and Rooney will have
    another whinge. Reus, Gundogan, Sneijder, Khadeira?????? ahahahahahahaha
    keep pulling yourselves! 

  3. Moyes has so much Negativity on himself from his interviews I doubt we’ll
    sign any players this transfer window

  4. Hopefully we sell young in this transfer window, I can’t see anyone wanting
    to buy him though since he’s so fucking shit

  5. I think Fabio deserves a start vs Swansea.. Also our only Centre Mid who
    actually passes forward is Anderson.. only one who attempts those passes
    forward even though most dont find their man.. with the C1C fixture 48
    hours after Swansea we need to rest some players.. my lineup::

    De Gea, Fabio, Rio, Evans, Buttner; Zaha, Anderson, Fletcher, Young,
    Kagawa, Chicharito

  6. We shouldn’t have to go on about these penalty appeals, we should be
    killing games off and winning comfortably.

  7. Don’t blame Moyes. It’s the players fault, they are talking the decision to
    dive not Moyes

  8. Our centre Midfield is so flat and contains no flair what so ever , I would
    rather see Anderson than Cleverly 


  10. Really like the idea of Evans in midfield.After rooney.Evans got the long
    passing range and can switch the play if needed.Something i haven’t seen
    from Clevz and Carrick much.

  11. I think, and this may sound weird, Valencia should play RB until Rafa comes
    back, cuz smalling just isn’t doing it in that position. Play Januzaj or
    Zaha on the wings. Welbeck up front, or the left, he’s versatile. But Zaha
    needs to be unleashed, or else he’s just a waste of 17 mil.

  12. I think we should give Jesse Lingard a chance! I wouldn’t let him go back
    to Birmingham, we could do with some variety in midfield.

  13. wow why on earth would you go with Smalling at rightback?! Fabio anyday for
    me. As a fullback in 2013/14 you need to be able to play football. Smalling
    doesnt know how to play football properly.

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