The Young Philippines Soccer Player Gets Into The National Team

The Philippines has some talented soccer players and Trinity Wambolt is one of them. She was recently at Lasso where she played with the youth soccer team on behalf of the Philippines.

It was part of the regional champions for the Asian Football Confederation. Even though she hails from Mississauga, her mother being a native of the Philippines has allowed her to play and represent this country. She is a young player with talent and promise, a reason that she was selected to be part of the under 14 team that has played in the Asian Confederation games in Laos.

She was definitely thrilled with the opportunity that she was given. It is definitely the dream of any young player to move on to national teams and that the opportunity would be given to her so early was beyond her expectations. She had helped her team win silver in the tournament that encompassed eight teams. She stated that initial days were hard as most people missed their homes, but that also built the closeness of the team and helped them to win the match. Even though the practices were grueling it was a good experience for her.

There was initially a tryout camp held in Manila where she was chosen out of the 1700 who came to the tryouts and about 30 were shortlisted. There were two short listing rounds, which she survived in her role as a midfielder. Indeed, it was not easy for her as her aunt also expired at the camp, being afflicted by a sudden stroke. But it definitely made her determined to try and her efforts did bear fruit. She stated that the trip was good as she learnt to take care of herself. The games that they played against teams like Thailand were challenging as these teams were organized and superior in their team playing skills.