Danny Rose disclosed an interesting story about Mauricio Pochettino

Danny Rose recently disclosed an interesting story about how Mauricio Pochettino had attempted to make a fool of him during his first year in charge at Tottenham and how he had fallen in his trap and had started sulking.

According to Rose, it was the summer of2014 when Rose was having a great time playing for the Spurs and life had been pretty good to him all around because he had earned a place in the Three Lions squad as well through his club performances.

But, then suddenly one day, he was shocked when Pochettino conveyed to him that Tottenham was thinking about parting ways with him as a pretty profitable bid had come for him.

It was hugely disappointing for Rose because he desperately wanted to stretch his career with Tottenham at that point in time. So, that news just put his mood off.

But, then later on that same day, the boss relieved him by letting him know that it was only a joke that he had played on him and that he was going nowhere from White Hart Lane as the club was not entertaining any bid.

Rose then decided to give Pochettino a taste of his own medicine after some time.

There were rumours doing the rounds around that time that a couple of parties from Middle East were looking to take Rose away. Rose saw it as a perfect situation to catch his coach in a state of shock just like he had done to him earlier. So, he went and told him that those rumours were true and he was actually interested in one of those offers.

But, he failed in his intention as Pochettino didn’t get shocked at all. He probably figured it out straightaway that his boy was just looking for revenge. So, he remained very relaxed and answered Rose that he was okay with it.