25 thoughts on “Yokohama Marinos vs Manchester United 3-2 All Goals & Highlights [International Friendly] 23.07.2013”

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  3. Enjoy as you can, because the English Championship will come back to us!
    Gloory glory man Uniiiited!

  4. dude shinji couldn’t provide scores for the man u in his first season. i
    promise u he won’t be their for much longer. i heard he might be traded to
    somewhere else.

  5. are u blind? if it was ‘well over’ it would be touching the back of the
    net. this was nowhere near ‘well over’. if u dont see my point go back to
    primary school and relearn ur english.

  6. david moyes was the wrong pick. Has not even got a big signing for this
    season. not a happy Manchester United fan…

  7. I bet with this kind of team that Man U had, I have no doubt that they’re
    gonna b relegated at the end of the campaign.. This is the result of
    wasting so much time in bringing in players such as thiago and farbregas..

  8. Everybody waiting for the whore to fall, and finally the time has come. I
    hope united will have the worst season this year, with shrek all gone and
    that glory hunter persie all alone … from a very angry and pleased
    arsenal fan

  9. Anyway. No way in hell we start new season with Anderson and Cleverley is
    center mid. Moyes is just testing these guys out. Its almost good that we
    are losing at it clearly signals our weakness in center mid. Moyes eyes
    will be open to the fact we need to strengthen this area. Even Felliani
    would be a massive improvement but if there is any chance we can get
    Fabregas then we must try because needless to say he would be perfect for
    our team

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