25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – It’s not easy being an Arsenal Fans… (Part one)”

  1. I am a die hard Gooner, but Liverpool and Arsenal are very similar and I
    respect them. Two great clubs that have historic pasts

  2. its a real talk its not that easy to be an arsenal fun we suffer a lot than
    other clubs fun but i wish our glory will come soon arsenal is the best
    fuck the rest win lose draw gunners till i die even up in de sky

  3. I started to support arsenal when rvp is still at this club..I slowly turn
    to gooners when I see arsenal attacking style..it is so enjoyable to watch.
    Also arsene wenger football development impress me.. how many football star
    has he created…i don’t give a fucking damn about those trophies… 

  4. what do you mean by “any trophy”? Come back when you have a gold premiere
    league trophy

  5. He’s better than the club that nursed him for 8 years? Do you think Manure
    (our rivals in case you didn’t know) would do the same? I think not, he had
    his first full season last year and he left for Manchester United. Someone
    who loved the club would not do that. He turned his back on us and that
    little kid inside him who wore the Arsenal jersey in his bedroom would be
    ashamed. Get some perspective

  6. haha, nice viideo dude, but I can see u use some clips of the “the gooner”
    video and “the arsenal way” both are my favorites videos. COYG

  7. Its really not funny! Even though I support Arsenal, I respect Liverpool as
    much as I luv Arsenal. Arsenal And Liverpool are the same. Both will rule
    the premier league once again.

  8. Oooh Really? You think they can take on Chelsea are you havin’ a fuckin’
    laugh mate?

  9. I think its nasty how people always say its hard to be an arsenal fan. If
    you are a real fan you would never doubt your love for the club, even if we
    got relegated.

  10. The frequency of Jovetic rumors from the Daily Mail is incresing. “The
    Frenchman has intensified his interest in the forward, requesting weekly
    scouting reports from Italian scouts.The move is viewed as a hugely
    significant within the club’s London Colney HQ, with all indications
    pointing to Jovetic being identified as the man Wenger – and his
    influential chief scout Steve Rowley Wenger made a similar request to his
    scouts for Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Gervinho.” -DailyMai HELL YEAH

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