25 thoughts on “The Arsenal Way”

  1. Tears of sadness in the first four minutes of the video. Most heartbreaking
    moments in Arsenal history.

  2. Lol yeah I support Chelsea. But don’t bullshit me with that. Your club laid
    the groundwork for rich clubs after invading North London by getting a rich
    owner, bribing your way into the First Division, poached a successful
    manager and buying star talent. Not to mention laying the Stoke groundwork
    with the “boring boring Arsenal” style of play

  3. That is better than buying players left right and centre , ruining
    youngsters and giving managers limited time to succeed. Besides, that is in
    the past now. We have smashed our transfer record and that says something.
    No longer are Arsenal a selling club. The future looks bright. PS: If you
    only click on an Arsenal complilation just to hate on the team, you either
    have tremendous amounts of hate for the club , or just have lots of free
    time and don’t know anything to do with it, or both.

  4. for all the wenger haters just think about this, who turned down an offer
    for P$G this yr to stay with the Arsenal? Not to mention other clubs in the

  5. Please. The Arsenal Way is developing talented players so they can be sold
    and actually win trophies.

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