25 thoughts on “Manchester United Transfers | 3 IN 3 OUT – Part 2 | DEVILS”

  1. My 3 Ins…
    1.Ander Herera/Wesley Sneijder
    2.Romain Alessandrini/Koke
    3.Luke Shaw
    and Of course Ronaldo!!!!

  2. Am I the only person who wants Nani out? Have I been left behind and a deal
    has been placed for him to leave us already? NOBODY mentioning him is
    shocking, he’s rubbish! Much rather have Young with his curlers than Nani
    who has 1 good game in 50. I’d get rid of Anderson as well. Last pick would
    be arguably Buttner(as much as I like him). I’d like to see us chase
    Herrera(should be playing for us already). He is not performing at his peak
    yet and I think he has tons of potential and can very much do it at the top
    level. Koke would be nice to have as well. And finally Coentrao. He’s a
    steal for his price tag and if we let go of Buttner, great buy.

    IN : Coentrao, Koke, Herrera
    OUT : Nani, Buttner, Anderson

  3. REALISTICALLY i think we might get:
    everton ribeiro
    cabella (if moyes is actually linked with him)

    we should go for AC milan players…they are in a similar situation to us
    so i think that some of them might wanna move.

  4. Haha you can all forget about Sneijder, he is happy at Galatasaray and the
    club doesnt want to sell him

  5. you arnt getting these players because you are not going to get to p4 and
    no players will want to go to united much like what happened top
    liverpool….. bye bye glory days !!

  6. I think its time to put pressure on glazers as well! they gained profit
    from United more than any body from its club! they should spend way more
    many in transfer market than even Madrid’s club. United is not to us just a
    club some ppl think, so, FCK that jews, make em spent or kick em out
    Yellow Green United

  7. !. Medhi Benatia
    2.Barkley (try give them Fellaini back)
    3.Mata or Koke

    I just look at the United team and it needs SO much work. At least 150M
    needs to be spent on major players, cause you look at the City squad they
    have like 5 or 6 world class players, we have 3 Rooney, RVP and De Gea and
    a few with the potential to be up there i.e Jones and Januzaj.

    But we need top finishes top 4 or non of them will be wanting to play for

  8. Koke.. luke shaw… and either draxler or ross barkley and i know it will
    never happen but Vidal would seriously solve all our problems the guy is
    the hands down the best CM in the world he is good at evrythink that is
    needed in the center.

  9. Marco Reus, Fabio Coentrao and Koke…….would love Gundgogan too but
    Dortmund wont let him go if Reus leaves

  10. The Daily Mail is reporting that Manchester United’s European scouts have
    been called to a meeting at Carrington this week to deliver reports on
    potential targets for David Moyes. It is also claimed that Moyes will be
    given £200million to spend to improve his squad and he wants ‘five or six
    players in the summer’, and is hopeful of signing ‘one or two’ in the
    January transfer window http://www1.skysports.com/transfer-centre/ 

  11. 1. Eliaquim Mangala defensive monster can also play left back
    2. Marco Reus one of the best wingers in the world… Enough said !!
    3. Arturo Vidal ridiculously talented midfield maestro who scores goals 

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