25 thoughts on “Manchester united vs Bayer Leverkusen 4-2 (2013 ) Match Preview & Goals (17/9/2013) | UCL (HD)”

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  2. lets make it real, side bet and lets honor this deal..talk loud is nothing.
    be a staunch supporters who can afford to lose when the facts is obvious,
    then we are true supporters! what u think?

  3. i prove my point. mu trailing wba 1-2 . told ya bro, even though they might
    win the premier leaque, they probably win by luck or other team blunder.
    They not playing like a champ and inconsistent. i wouldnt bet my money on
    them. old defenders, poor midfielders and certain players are depleted.
    Give rooney a do or die choice, hair or team? guess he gonna for hair
    trsnsplant. time to recruit new strikers. Hernandez is good but no avail
    due to poor sub strikers

  4. exactly but rooney din go all out anymore. hes concern about his hair than
    anything. mu seriously need caliber striker, young and welbeck simply not
    good enough couple with some old defenders. hard to bet on this team as
    they can lose anytime.

  5. 4-1 The ship is sinking! Moyes is clueless and so is the whole team. Vidic,
    Ferdinand, Young, Valencia, Evra, Evans, Anderson and Nani are all way past
    their best. Moyes has no belief from the fans. Troubled times at Old

  6. manchester is depleted team and set to be history. The players are awful.
    No decent strikers except Van Persie. Rooney is too cautious and dont think
    he will go all out. Too many senior defenders and midfielders. Mark my
    word. They will struggle. Sorry, this is fact. Keeper is another problem.
    Just not good enough.

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