25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 0 Man United 1 – Bully Calls For Ref Investigation – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. This bully thing doesn’t understand anything fuck you goatie we beat you &
    you can’t even change anything you walking pussay! you must be smoking
    something expired!

  2. What rubbish. Its actually we, United fans, who should be outraged with the
    referee. He didn’t give us a stonewall penalty for Giroud’s foul on Rooney,
    his assistant gave a corner which never was, Giroud should have been booked
    in the 2nd minute for his foul on Evans and Jones got a joke of a yellow
    for his collision with Szczesny.
    Also, we “parked the bus”, eh? Well, we had more shots on goal and on
    target than Arsenal. Rooney, Smalling and Kagawa missed golden
    opportunities, the kind of opportunities which Arsenal didn’t even create.

  3. ‘Bringing on Bendtner knocked us down to 10 men’… hehe couldn’t put it
    better myself. Sort them out Bully!

  4. Lool at all the man u fans disliking what scum they are and van persie
    celebration .. Scum

  5. here we go more of bully’s bullshit, you didnt have one clear cut chance we
    dominated every part of that game you deserved to lose all 3 points and if
    we are not a good team why was it us you lose to us even after you beat
    dortmund who are probably thinking what you are thinking at this moment in
    time “we should have won” and so they should dortmund are 10x the team
    arsenal are

  6. Unbiased view – The corner was a corner, I think he is mixing up the
    incidence between Vermaelen and RVP with Sagna and Kagawa, it was a corner.

    Saying that the United team that Arsenal played is bad can’t really be that
    true because its the same team they had last year (+ plus Fellaini, lol.)
    and they won the title with that team. I think some fans are getting a
    little big headed. A game at Old Trafford is always going to be quite
    difficult and Arsenal should easily bounce back seeing as they still have
    to play the other big teams in the league.

    Manchester United are definitely not the same like they were when Fergie
    was in charge but no one can expect them to be when Fergie isnt in charge?

  7. Sven Cats, Barcelonas’ players are surely better than Chelseas. However,
    during the semi final Chelsea was the better team. They played a defensive
    game, but that was only a strategy to put down Barcelona, and they did
    twice. They also tamed Bayern in the final, IN THEIR OWN BACK YARD. Just
    because you have better player, it doesnt mean you are the better team.
    Look at corithians, they took out Chelsea in the final. They are the weaker
    team, but that day they were the better team, period.


  9. One of the first time I’ve disagreed with Bully tbh. I don’t think the ref
    was that terrible really.

  10. Does Bully always blame the refs it’s all he talks about recently, I’ll
    agree with one point referees are too scared of punishing United

  11. I thought TV5 had a great game considering how long he has been out… COME
    ON BULLY….Talk some sense.

  12. Id love to sit next to Bully during a game guy speaks his mind, and spot on
    most times. Legend

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