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  1. @mhc4413 you see i wasn’t able to buy speakers so i failed to listen to the
    music and i am really pissed off with people insulting asians,mexican and
    black people and i am sorry for getting mad at you without realizing the
    whole situation.

  2. just a word of advice…hearing niggers, fuck, asshole don’t do anything
    good to the development of soccer sport among filipinos. it’s very
    offensive to the world of soccer…what a shame!

  3. wow u guys are rly good…i’m a filipino soccer player myself and I play
    defense and am very good at my position but for some reason I’m horrible at
    juggling -.-..i’m getting better tho

  4. for me it looks easy i can also do those tricks… ;)i’m filipino soccer
    player defender in Greece…….

  5. whoah I’m impressed TATW at 1:34 dude your pinoy right… I do a lot of
    football freestyle I have video too entitled Tondo Paraiso kindly watch
    it… did you continue doing this kind of trick? super saya ko meron din
    kameng katulad na pinoy na nag ffs 😛

  6. @theintersect271094 loool, im a filipino soccer player, striker in england,
    come we unite haha 🙂

  7. basic freestyle, im not a freestyler ,but am a filipino footballer i play
    left wing i got scouted here in the middle east, i saw 9 yr old freestyles
    do much better tricks , no offence it seems that ur not a freestyler , the
    title is filipino soccer , well try playing soccer bro ur embarrassing the
    philippine football my arabic friend mkes fun about ur vid :/

  8. @mhc4413 what the hell man?!?!?!what country are you from? i bet your
    country is like spain or italy or england but that gives you no right to
    insult them like this.I may not be a filipino but i have seen filipinos get
    bullied like this and you must be a fatass low life who’s to lazy to even
    go walking! i bet this guy is better than you in real life.

  9. @LadyAquaSofia you’re the douchebag for not having sound access to the
    video…and you failed to notice the key word “hearing” from my comment
    which suggest i was refering to the sound or music of the video…anyway
    enough name calling…i realized you were just trying to defend Filipinos
    from insults…thanks for that 🙂 unfortunately this sport is very
    nationalistic which often brings out the worst in human emotions…let’s
    all keep our comments civil and clean…

  10. @mhc4413 douchebag!look at your comment how is anyone supposed to know
    that’s about the music! next time be more specific!

  11. @lnwkopy indonesia 6-0 laos philippines 0-1 indonesia philippines has a
    better defense and a bigger heart!

  12. @LadyAquaSofia Hey Idiot! Before you comment, think first what I was
    commenting about! I was commenting about the offensive language of the
    background music of this video. I was quoting the words I found offensive
    in the video. Listen to the video! You’re the lowlife for jumping the gun
    too fast and not understanding the comment. By the way I’m 100% Filipino!

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