19 thoughts on “Adnan Januzaj – The New King – Manchester United – 2013/2014”

  1. Great video, love the way he is getting a chance, he can only get
    better,bigger and stronger

  2. hes not as fast or clinical as most great players yet but hes a very clever
    player, if u watch then most of the things he does is different from what
    most players will do in that situation

  3. He belonge in Barcelona, with Amigos Messi Neymar Xa Ini , this boy is to
    good for the other player in Man.U

    Come to Barcelona Amigo Januzaj, where The other player is one u level.

    in Man.U will only go down for you.

    Franco Corosso .

  4. he’s already got as many goals as ronaldo in his first season, and is the
    most fouled player in the premier league (like ronaldo was). id rather he
    dive 100 times than have his leg broken or serious injury.

  5. Great januzaj video.No one can seem to keep up with him 🙂

    Fun fact: Premier League statistics highlight Januzaj as the most fouled,
    on average per game, player in the top flight.

  6. His movement ,vision and goalscoring threat is great! Defenders not like
    him ,because hes a natural dribbler ,you can’t say hes the fastest or
    skillful player on the pitch (like CR7) ,but Januzaj has other atributes
    that really matters in top football. To be soo calm as an 18 year old
    youngster in a United shirt is really interesting and great to see!

  7. its great to see how much hes improved since the preseason and definitely
    my favorite player. great job on the video by the way

  8. He plays like Cristiano. He’s just not as talented as him, he doesn’t have
    the same natural gifts Ronaldo has (speed, strength, etc.). He was
    probably his idol. Great player though.

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