25 thoughts on “Fabio Coentrao | Transfer Target Factfile | Manchester United”

  1. Been a massive fan of Coentrao since World Cup in 2010, so would be a dream
    if he joins united. Frustrated when you here all these reports and nothing
    happens as the days go by.

  2. it was just on sky news …..M.U.F.C are in Italy
    to talk to pogba fingers crossed and vedal ???
    NANI is going back to Portugal

  3. I don’t REALLY understand the big fuss about Coentrao, because I don’t
    think we are so desperate for a LB just yet, but if Evra leaves in the
    summer we’ll need one.

  4. apparently, the likelihood for mata to sign with us is equal to him signing
    with PSG. Imagine if we got Mata though! that would be insane

  5. Why is this being hyped so much? He’s not going to join us and even IF he
    does he will bring no stability to midfield where most of if not all the
    problems are currently occurring.

  6. United problems are not all midfield, midfield is responsible for the lack
    of goal scoring opportunities abd also putting the defense under pressure
    cuz they keep loosing the ball. However our defense currently are doing a
    piss poor job at deflecting attacks exspecially set pieces. Most goals
    against United has been from set pieces and headers. On the topic of
    Coentrao, he is OLD!

  7. I like Coentrao’s attacking intent but it seems like his defending could
    use some improvement. Would it suit us more to have a defensive minded
    left-back or an attacking left-back? A player like Ashley Cole can go
    forward but his defensive ability is spot on. I think we need solidity at
    the back before going forward. Not sure what the correct answer is. Not to
    mention that unless Coentrao has taken an unnoticed pay-cut he is still the
    most expensive left-back on salary, or something close to it.

  8. We can never do things simply when it comes to a transfer can we! For all
    the positive speculation and Coentrao’s deleted tweet, we can fully expect
    our interest in the Portuguese left-sider to run right down to the January
    window wire. But here’s a little bit about Coentrao + the type of player we
    *might* be getting at Old Trafford.

  9. Lol we dont even need a left back now.. Moyes is jus nuts.. We are
    currently strong there with evra and buttner! Build the midfield and CB!! D

  10. Just one doubt though. Dob 1998(age 25). I think he is hiding something!!
    Kidding haha….He will be a good addition to the squad 

  11. What happened to the English topclubs they now buying players from Real
    Madrid that never plays.

  12. I think you guys should do a review with these transfer and talk about
    it…love to see sam and the other guy ian is it?

  13. Main Players for next season


    Vidic, Evans, Jones, Garay, Rafael, Evra, Luke Shaw and Fabio (give more


    Barkley, Gundogan or Vidal, Powell, Lingard, Carrick, Fletcher and Kagawa


    Reus, Nani, Valencia, Januzaj and Zaha


    Welbeck, Rooney, Van Persie and Henriquez 

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