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  1. The only thing we need is a back-up Striker. We have 3 goalkeepers , 2
    right backs , two left backs , 3 good central defenders. We have the best
    midfield in the league , and we have 4 wingers? What more do you want. We
    are title contenders , and if City and Chelsea keep dropping points like
    they do now. We are a good shout for the title.

  2. like i said u guys have a decent squad.But its like 4th-th in the league
    value wise.The PL is tough everyone drops points when least expected..

  3. Haha that’s muggy arsenal fans for ya.. every year they get like this.
    They’ll soon wind their necks in when they inevitably slide down the table.

  4. Stupid comment really, when you are in the champion’s league semis,
    everything is possible.

  5. Premiership and champions league is this guy for real it’s been a good
    start of the season guy needs to calm down

  6. me too, i woukd like to see Arsenal against Bayern, because the Gunners
    play a awfully good football now !! i suppose that game would be epic !!

  7. We play very good football without our 2 best players of last year! Just
    wait till Carzorla and Walcott come back , you will see that arsenal are
    title contenders

  8. yeah you might just be contenders, but really now the odds of you guys
    actually winning the PL are slim.The squad has decent quality but not
    enough quantity, u need 18 great players to really be contesting the PL
    crown.Like someone said about a month ago, arsenal have a good 11, but the
    squad is in many ways weakers than that of spurs.And i ten dto agree.I
    think more than 3rd place is next to impossible for Arsenal.Yeah youre good
    but not better than city/chelsea.Im man fan btw, yeah we suck LOL

  9. wtf is it with all this optimism.Arsenal played much better footie this
    time in 07 and at the end of the season BANG, no trophy in sight.And to say
    they could beat the likes or barcelona bayern munich is FOOLISH , only a
    deluded man would say that.Theyre still englands 3rd-4th best team, and in
    europe there are a couple of team that can easily beat them.Yeah Atletico
    included.Overall theyre lucky if they are in top 8 clubs ,
    strengthwise.Actaully if psg and juve included, ur not even top 10

  10. Arsenal FC 2 Napoli 0 – Bully Praises Flamini #Arsenal #AFC #COYG

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