Russia needs to work harder to Reduce Racism

Russia have admitted that they need to work harder in order to reduce racism levels within the country before the World Cup 2018. The nation has been hit hard with several scandals involving racist abuse of players.

The likes of Christopher Samba and Samuel Eto’o have complained of racial abuse, even from their own supporters on certain occasions, during their time in Russian football. This issue has not surfaced a lot after Russia were awarded the rights to host the 2018 edition. In recent weeks, though, it has been grabbing a lot of attention and the general secretary of the Russian football union has accepted that racism issue needs to be tackled sooner rather than later.

A report from an individual committee presented more than 200 cases of racial abuse of players in the Russian league over the last two years. Such an incredible number of incidents will lead to the World Cup 2018 getting bad press if it is allowed to persist. In a recent Europa League match between Feyenoord and Roma, Ivory Coast international Gervinho was taunted with bananas from the opposition supporters. Italy, Spain, and Russia seem to have been the worst hit regions when it comes to racial abuse of players. Continue reading Russia needs to work harder to Reduce Racism

Germany best Performance in 2014 World Cup

Germany enjoyed going through a superb campaign in the 2014 World Cup as they were claimed champions of the planet after defeating Argentina in the finals and not losing a single match in the entire tournament. The German nation just dominated every game they played as they were relentless from start till finish.

The coach of the German team, Joachim Loew is hoping that his team can continue dominating the game just how they did a few months ago.

Loew has already told reporters that he is planning what to do in the year of 2015 as there are a number of changes which wants to implement into the team and also wants to win the 2016 Euro’s. Continue reading Germany best Performance in 2014 World Cup

World Cup 2018 To Penalize Racism Issues

The upcoming 2018 World Cup is to follow a zero tolerance policy over racism issues during the tournament and such occurrence would be treated with stern penalties.

Honorary disciplinary chairman for FIFA, Claudio Sulser, has said that Russia would be strongly punished in case their supporters come up with any sort of racist gestures at World Cup 2018 in their country.

The chairman’s comments came just 15 days after the CSKA Moscow team were compelled to play the Manchester City squad behind the closed doors at Champions League. The incident was a follow up of violent racist antics from the fans, albeit 350 Russian fans were somehow able to access entry to the stadium.

“It’s an unfortunate situation & we need to come up with a strong handling here”, stated Sulser while speaking on dangers of bad racism which might arise during World Cup 2018. “It is something very critical & not at all an easy decision; however we would go through the very responsibility of association here.”

“We can’t sanction the very association in case they’re doing something that’s ethical or fair from their perspective- but one can’t forget the situation”, he continued.

“You have to think of the society as well as the spectators who frequent the stadium- & people won’t change just because they’re in the stadium. It is  a bad problem for the society & hence it’s perfect to sanction association body for these kinds of attitudes.”

Jeffrey Webb, the anti-discriminatory chief of FIFA, had pointed out absence of sufficient staffs to tackle homophobic and racist issues at Brazil World Cup 2014. According to him, there’s a disconnection in between the governing organization’s stated goal of stamping off discrimination at sports & its very failure to deploy trained staffs in investigating & reporting on these cases.

No step was taken up against the German supporters who blackened faces at Ghana match or Croatia supporters who flaunted neo-Nazi flags & insignia.