25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC | The Pride of London | 2006-2010

  1. @shaolinfingajab sol campbell, even though he is from spurs, his prime came
    from when he was at arsenal.

  2. @Shadowlolispro how many new teams have you brought over the last 10
    years???? too many too count. your all a bunch of OAPs now anyway lol

  3. @ant851114 yea, and when were you when you lost 3:1 agains arsenal, and ow
    i forget you put your own goal!! hahahaha what a sucker

  4. @ant851114 What a big man you are, ill get you a pack of chewing gum and
    show you how to chew it.

  5. @thearsenalforever1 Haha no dude, i like Arsenal but that title of best
    football in the world belongs to Barcelona.

  6. Still remember the legendary commentary after Fabregas goal vs Tottenham.

  7. I don’t think it’s appropriate to make jokes after this tragedy. I know
    it’s hard to feel sorry or sympathetic because they’re foreigners, but we
    have to remember they lost everything in almost an instant. They’ve been
    left with nothing. Still there’s always next season for Arsenal.

  8. @EnglishHighsociety The scousers did well against Spurs at WHL did’nt
    they?…They did both times Spurs played them last season, home and away. I
    love seeing the also rans for top 4 arguing, funny shit! 🙂 Was Aqualani
    ever good for you lot then? Liverpool are just as bad, your time was up
    when Benitez sold Alonso and bought in a truckload of shit players for the
    kind of money that most teams would’nt spend in 10 seasons. Pretty much the
    same kind of thing Dalglish is doing now.

  9. don’t get me wrong, i love arsenal with all my heart. but i really don’t
    think we have been the pride of London in recent years.

  10. We may not have won any trophies in the last 5 years, but there’s been so
    many great moments. The 3-1 and 3-0 against the scum. The 2-1 comeback
    against Chelski. The 2-1 against United. The 2-1 at the San Siro.

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