Germany best Performance in 2014 World Cup

Germany enjoyed going through a superb campaign in the 2014 World Cup as they were claimed champions of the planet after defeating Argentina in the finals and not losing a single match in the entire tournament. The German nation just dominated every game they played as they were relentless from start till finish.

The coach of the German team, Joachim Loew is hoping that his team can continue dominating the game just how they did a few months ago.

Loew has already told reporters that he is planning what to do in the year of 2015 as there are a number of changes which wants to implement into the team and also wants to win the 2016 Euro’s.

“I want to get to the point where we can change tactics at will during the course of a game. We have to aim to dominate the game for a decade. To carry on in the same vein we have to change, yes you can go that far: We have to reinvent ourselves. We are working on a master-plan for 2015 and 2016.”

“In general we want to feel the moment of victory again and win Euro 2016 in France.” Germany’s Joachim Loew said as he unveiled some of the things that he wants to do and accomplish with the German team.

In order to qualify and get into the next rounds of the 2016 Euro’s, nations have to earn enough points in the group stages and Germany has struggled trying to dominate their matches as they lost 2-0 against Poland and had to settle with a 1-1 draw when facing off with Republic of Ireland.

Germany is competing in Group D and are tied in 2nd place along with Scotland and Republic of Ireland as all of those teams have a total of 7 points. Even with these recent setbacks from Germany, they are still favorites on advancing through but anymore negative results could see the team of Joachim Loew failing to make it past the group stages which would be a huge surprise and disappointing outcome after having lifted the past edition of the World Cup.