25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC Unbeaten Run Top 18 Goals – The Invincibles”

  1. they played with so much heart, pace, work rate and talent. they separated
    the boys from the men. greatest club team of all time.

  2. Its getting back now. The like of ramsey, giroud ,poldi. Walcott.
    Cazorla,ozil,wilshere. .

  3. I don’t know how Thierry Henry didn’t win a ballon’dor that season and I
    don’t know how Arsenal never on the champions league either… mysteries

  4. Or checkout the Hispanic sports channels 😀 we love European football. Its
    the best

  5. I still can’t get over that loss, 10 years on, to pre-mourinho chelsea in
    the CL. Fooking wayne bridge.

  6. Nah man, check out NBC Sports Network on Saturday mornings! Or head to the
    local soccer pub, if you have one….haha.

  7. was this the year Henry got Player of the Year? Sucks living in America,
    little – no access to EPL games. All we get to watch is MLS and World Cup
    games. With a Rare champions league match…. -_-

  8. I’m sorry, It was very difficult to find a good quality video of his goal
    VS Middlesbrough, so I didn’t include it here 🙁

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