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  2. if we get someone like falcao, balotelli or benzema
    we can win the league no problem 100 percent.

  3. Balotelli would be a perfect fit, he’s a great finisher, strong and isn’t a
    greedy player, he’s great at link up, he’s quick and most importantly he
    knows the league. If Arsene can make him buckle down he’d be the striker to
    take up to the top at the end.

  4. What about Falcao? He is unsetteled at Monaco, has not played CL this
    season wich is a huge +, and he is probably the best striker in the world
    when he is inform!

  5. I think Arsenal need a striker. A new one. To give just enough hope to last
    till the end of the league. You see what Ozil did. The mentality it gave to
    everyone. That Arsenal were a top team that could give top players. The
    psychological effect that one signing did. Just one more player, a world
    class striker, and the title is Arsenals.

  6. Definetly don’t want Balotelli at Arsenal, more trouble than he’s worth. He
    nearly cost Man City the league 2 years ago with needless sending offs, not
    reliable. I wouldn’t take him if he was free.

  7. Balotelli is not a player we should go for his attitude isnt good enough to
    be in an arsenal shirt, we should go for jackson martinez or lewandowski.
    Lewandowski is a fanstic finisher and is really good at holding the ball up
    like giroud and has an amazing attacking position but ide rather jackson
    martinez hes one of the most consistent goal scorers netting 40 odd in 50
    odd games, would be perfect for arsenal right now!

  8. I don’t want to sign another striker in janaury, especially diego costa,
    suarez, and players who think of thselves, the reason our team is doing so
    well is because they all work perfectly together, özil is not playing at
    his best but he is an unselfish player, whose signing has lifted the morale
    of the whole team. Which is why best choice for me is THIERRY HENRY, just
    for the team boost.

  9. Matthieu Valbuena is now linked. Quality player but hes a creative
    midfielder for 10million. Would he even start? My bet over any striker =
    Victor Wanyama has only just joined southampton but is quality and i think
    him and a striker would be great, also maybe Der Stegen the goalkeeper.

  10. A true title contender should be regular and win games by any means. They
    must win small teams but also big teams because as seen Arsenal lost too
    many points, and if they remake the same mistake the games return will be
    fatal to the title race. I pray every day for Arsenal and I hope they will
    do it, and if they lose I don’t care, 9 years that I support Arsenal, and I
    intend to support them until my death

  11. I don’t care if Lewandowski is on his way to Munich, you have to make him
    an offer that means he’s not. I thought the reason for moving from highbury
    was to compete financially ?

  12. Don’t get Balotelli. He was a flop at Man City and they’re better now than
    when he was there + you would need to hire five social workers to babysit
    him. Get someone like Costa or Insigne.

  13. To be honest “Pato” would be a good signing would add to what we got’ And
    would not disrupt the team to much’ He would have to earn his place. I
    think slowly integrate him in the team he’s young talented and pacey.

  14. Let’s forget the falcaos and cavanis and balotellies coz aint no body gonna
    buy them expensive bitches. Why look elsewhere when you have remy in the
    league. He wont completely put giroud on the bench and gives us a good
    option pace wise

  15. Arsenal don’t need a striker in January window,it would disrupt the team
    and personally they have a very good team which is better than a world
    class addition in January.I think they should work with what they got and
    the fans support all the team whether their world class or not.The
    movement,direct and being more clinical which will win the Title come May.

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