25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Signing Mesut Ozil is a Statement of Intent says Fans – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. That’s what happens when your football club hasn’t won anything for a awful
    long time.

  2. has any Arsenal fan ever watched Ozil play? It is ridicolous how excited
    they are. You will unedrstand this at the middle of the season.

  3. 9 goals and 3 assists for Real in 6 games and you call that shit. I guess
    it is hard to live without brain, isn’t it?

  4. Happy Fans Talk To #AFTV After #Ozil Signing At #Emirate #Signing #Arsenal
    #Ozil11 #Goonerfamily #COYG #afc

  5. The thing is – If we got Higuain, would Real have sold Özil to us? Surely
    they won’t give TWO quality players off to a single club.

  6. Its going to be an interesting season now! Although I still think we are a
    bit short of winning any Major Trophies, Ozil had many great world class
    players along side him at Real Madrid; I think its key that we dont
    overestimate him. Where do you guys predict Arsenal will finish this Season
    with the current squad, and where if we had another WC Striker?

  7. Ozil will make a difference to Arsenal for sure but they are still way off
    even challenging for Major Silverware like the Premier League or Champions
    League maybe they can win one of the cups.

  8. Tottenham have better depth, they DO NOT have a better starting XI. You can
    delude yourself into thinking they do.

  9. if I arsene vegner l want arda turan özil and arda make arsenal champion
    premier ligue

  10. The guy on the left is a REAL OLD SCHOOL GUNNER FAN. Arsenal fan tv the
    best fan tv in the world. Utd? Chelsea? City? Spouses? You CUNTS!

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