25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC BullyTalk – Bully unhappy with Ref – Arsenal v Aston Villa”

  1. ive said this so many times now that Referee Anthony Taylor and Mike Deane
    have some sort of agenda when they’re officiating an Arsenal match. How
    they can get away with pathetic decisions each time is unbelievable. I
    honestly think people need to investigate these 2 referees.

  2. Let’s be honest most football fans are fucking thick as fuck I mean look at
    that guy stood behind the guy with the bandana, what a tars

  3. I gotta admit at 2.30 I was the guy that walked past and said Wenger Out
    and since he brought in Ozil and we’ve gone on this run and it looks as if
    he’s gonna now spend money i’m now saying Wenger IN Wenger IN .. God, us
    Football Fans are fickle int’ we lol

  4. As a Villa fan, why don’t Arsenal fans (and Wenger) give Villa some credit,
    yes we were a little bit lucky at times, but overall we still deserved to
    win. I can say that Arsenal have always been my favourite English team
    (after Villa of course) with their flair and attacking style of play, they
    are great to watch. Good luck Arsenal.

  5. (*can’t I meant) Agree. Kroenke’s complete lack of passion for Arsenal
    tells everyone what his true motives are. I’m surprised he’s barely getting
    a mention in the media.

  6. As long as Arsenal beat Fenerbahce and qualify for this years Champions
    League, everything will be fine (lol)

  7. Fuck arsenalfantv bring back the real fucking arsenal tv these arsenal fans
    at the emirates are fucking clowns fucking low class fools jeering there
    own fucking team fucking stupid rejects that booed my niggas adebayor eboue
    n ash cole fucking fools for still booing them if them clowns focused more
    energy on supporting there fucking team n stop abusing ex stars the team
    will win sumting stupid retards arsenal fans take it up the arse.

  8. The shabby little hobo just saw a black man.He’s one of them “All look the
    same to me” types!

  9. I agree 100% and I’m a chelsea fan it’s hurts to see such a good club going
    to the championship! LOL

  10. neither was the first. benteke dragged his foot onto szczesny as he wasn’t
    going away from goal. the second then brought us down to ten and obviously
    ruined us. taylor needs to be sacked.

  11. I 100% with bullies..every arsenal players needs to be ruthless n every
    player must have a heart to play their best

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