25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Ready For 2013 [HD]”

  1. With all those signings that We made this summer, hopefully RVP will make u
    turn and stay at the club forever and win trophies for mighty ARsenal!!!!

  2. “Class is permanent” “Keep the Faith” “You can’t buy class” “For the brave,
    nothing is too difficult” DAMN! I love this club so effin’ much!!! Arsenal
    forever, Arsenal till I die!! So proud to be a Gooner… It’s hard to be an
    Arsenal fan at times, we won nothing in the last 7 years, but it’s even
    harder not to love this club…. SPREAD THE WORD ♥ AFCTID

  3. Imagine Batmans shock when he went to the emirates and Robin was nowhere to

  4. Arsenal are stronger then they was Last year a trophy to come arsenals way.
    O and vermalen as captain could not of got to a better player.

  5. Funny because I turned it off once rvp started scoring. I’ve absolutely
    lost all respect for the cunt!

  6. weirdly enough. we are ready. with RVP or Without him. jack is going to
    bring a new demention to our midfield next season. santi cazorla + arteta.
    we are going to be like Barcelona. only our teams more passionate. Winning
    Means something. Steve bould is going to make our Team one Defensive Unit.
    Bring on all the teams in the world. im not afraid. In Arsene I Trust. We
    can do it.

  7. You gooners are full of passion! Because of you guys this club is what it
    is today! The only fans I consider loyal! And I am a Chelsea fan and no
    doubt many of us are glory hunters! But non of you are! And that is great!

  8. Chin up young man :)……..Just remember RVP only game good consistently
    after Henry left! Giroud will step up & as for Song we have numbers & TBH
    would love a more mobile cdm to come through 🙂

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