25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 1 – Dortmund 0 – Moh Excited with the Win – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. Well said Moh Dortmund are a great club from top to bottom.I only wish we
    could get the same atomosphere at the Emirates

  2. Moh is the reason I subscribed to this channel even though I’m not a fan of

  3. Met Moh in Dortmund. Great guy and extremely passionate about Arsenal, hope
    to see you again Moh! 

  4. Never known a paki to like football. Millions of pakis in england and not
    one plays in any league. I wonder if this guy is sincere or just wants to
    fit in.

  5. Everyone has been praising the defense and Ramsey’s performances this
    season, but why has no one praised Arsene Wenger? That manager of us
    deserves as much as praise as everybody in the team. #OneArseneWenger

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