25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC FanTalk – You get what you pay for unless you’re an Arsenal fan -Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 3”

  1. I hope Usmanov buys Arsenal because we will be able to compete with the
    mugs of Chelsea, City and United financially.

  2. We should all learn something from this experience.. the tv pundits and
    just because we didn’t buy early in the summer, and lost against Villa on
    the back of all that bullshit media hype, we turned on Wenger and Arsenal,
    and that was on the back of an unbeaten run from last season.. WHAT A BUNCH
    OF MUPPETS WE ARE.. so in future, let’s follow our hearts and give Wenger
    and Arsenal the benefit of the doubt. COYGUNNERS!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really respect Moh, he is passionate but highly intelligent. Respect to
    Robbie as well, a man who truly loves his team.

  4. I like him as a person and i am pleased that we have him as an arsenal
    supporter !

  5. lol at the guy at the back from 4:18: 4:20.

    he’s like: “whoa, slow down hammer!..daamn.”

  6. LOL our real test was last night and we PASSED! so… I’d be pretty scared
    if I were you

  7. there were 2 good 2-0 wins today 2-0 against Liverpool and 2-0 against
    Chelsea hahahahaha remember who’s gt a 5 point diffrence atm ?

  8. Nope not really… Chelsea do have a better B team then us. Plus Mata
    didn’t really mess with our defense. It was a long shot from outside the
    area. How’s Moyes doing by the way?

  9. That would all be relevant if that was actually me in my Youtube profile
    picture, but it’s not. BUT LOOK! you’re still not going to finish top 4
    this season. Moyes is a skirt wearing Scottish faggot. Go cry you glory

  10. Funny because with Moyes you’re not even go to qualify for for the
    champions league next year. You have 0 world class players. RVP is an old
    fart, Rooney is a lazy old cunt. They’re the two players who come close to
    being world class but have no chance. You’re going to get relegated. You
    lost to West Brom at home and our reserves beat Westbrom at their home
    ground. CUNT.

  11. LOL did you watch that game fully(we didn’t play badly) + its DORTMUND. The
    ONE game we lose in weeks is at the hand of BVB (its not the end of the
    world). + look at our record since January

  12. I guess that guy will take this back. They all were judging too quickly.
    Since january 2013 arsenal grabbed the most points in the PL

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