25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC FanTalk – Either the Board or Wenger Must Go – Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 3 – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. What you saw here was the result of 15mins of fame. These fans have done
    nothing in life to qualify themselves to be heard. Manual. Laborers and the
    unemployed that have done nothing with their lives yet try tell a seasoned
    pro like wenger how to play football. What a load of cunts. 

  2. This was about 3 years of frustration boiling over. It wasnt because of the
    opening match loss. It was so much more than that. He spoke for every
    single fan of Arsenal that day. We all felt exactly the same.

  3. I’d love to see him interviewed after tonights demolition of Spurs in the
    FA cup. I bet he’s singing their praises now proving himself as the fickle
    fool that he is

  4. Exactly my thoughts after the first game of the season. Cant believe we
    were that bad at the start of the season.

  5. Ha Ha so funny to watch on new years eve
    Poor fella, at least he has got passion for his team.

  6. Wow, almost a million views. If Wenger and/or Gazidis this video, I truly
    believed that it sparked to buy Ozil. Fair play to this fan and to Robbie
    who’s given the fans a voice. 

  7. quite the turnaround, went from almost sacking Wenger to being on the road
    to winning the league

  8. Typical Arsenal fans, I wonder how many of you lot would watch Arsenal if
    they got relegated? And dont lie!!!!!

  9. Wow one defeat and it’s all doom and gloom and crying fans like this mug
    have a right whinge in front of the cameras. Is he still pissed, or has he
    changed his mind?

  10. u guys need to understand who didnt watch this video when it came out, bcuz
    its bcuz of this guy that the club made those signings before we got ozil,
    he expressed every arsenal fans feelings that day

  11. …I “ONLY” Said I’ll “KNOCK YOU DA FUCK OUT” If you Came to My Face And
    Chat “SHIT” you “DUMB OATH” ! I “DON’T” Go Around “ATTACKING” On “Innocent
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    If you Do Wanna Fight, Just Let Me Know Where you Wanna Meet Up you “PUNK
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