25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Breath of Life (featuring Florence)”

  1. ستشرق شمس الأرسنال قريباً بقدوم أوسمانوف الأوزبكي .. وسيعود فخر لندن للضرب
    بمدفعه .. [ إنتظروه فالمدفع عندما يضرب يرجع للخلف ثم يفجر ] الأرسنال عشق
    وفخر .. فهنيئاً لنا به ..

  2. Barcelona- Alexander Hleb, Alex Song, THIERRY HENRY MCFC-Clichy, Adebayor
    ACMIlan- Flamini Real Madrid- Lass DIarra

  3. We have to show that we are willing to splash the cash to put together a
    top class team that can win titles! I fear the rise of Spurs and if
    Liverpool can get their shit together under Brendan Rodgers then we are in
    real trouble. Who the hell cares about a new stadium if we never win
    anything ever again. I’d rather be back at Highbury with the Invincibles
    than at the Emirates with this lacklustre squad. Wilshere is our only

  4. This is beyound awsome it should be sumitted for an video award somewhere
    somehow.. I hope the powers that be at the emirates view it and put on
    match day screening ]#

  5. dont listen to the guy below, its unique i have seen an arsenal video
    called ‘lost’ featuring clips of coldplay and jayz and it still works well

  6. 4th on goal difference with a team that looked fantastic in September. Yep
    fucking brilliant. Wise up.

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