25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 2 Swansea City 1 – We Are Lucky To Have Arsene Wenger”

  1. We Are Lucky To Have Arsene Wenger #afcaway #afc #arsenal #wecandothis #coyg

  2. Arsenal can win it all they just need the full support of the emirates
    crowd tomorrows home game is gonna b vital against napoli the gooners can
    win it pure leaders n matchwinners in that arsenal gooners team this team
    can b the greatest under Sir Arsene Wenger need the backing of the true
    loyal gooners supporters good luck gooners win it all Sir Arsene Wenger Tha
    Greatest Manager Ever Gooners Hav Got That Winning Mentality COYMG:)

  3. fuck off you twat you no ntohing about football. without wenger we would be
    a mid table side and without ozil.

  4. 17 years, to think Gnabry was only one when Wenger came in. Be it only this
    season or many more he is a one off

  5. Great interview from a loyal fan who has supported his club and the manager
    through the highs and the lows. I am a very happy and excited Gooner who
    can proudly say we are top of the league we are top of the league.

  6. Hang on a minute! What if we are undefeated for the rest of the games this
    season, or even better won the lot. What do we call the current generation
    Arsenal team? “ALMOST INVINCIBLE” perhaps.

  7. We still need a world class striker eventhough giroud is doing well.Maybe a
    defensive minded player aswell

  8. We showed great mental spirit yesterday. Hopefully we continue that and win
    the Premiership.

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