25 thoughts on “Wilfried Zaha vs Singha All Star XI (First match for Manchester United)”

  1. I really hope Zaha and Welbeck can develop a partnership like Andy Cole and
    Dwight Yorke that would be crazy. Welbeck already rocks number 19, Zaha
    just needs to get number 9 just a thought

  2. People comparing him to what Ronaldo is like now, remember when he signed
    from Lisbon? Looks just as good, just needs the dedication that Ronaldo had
    and he’ll be one of the greats with a bit of luck.

  3. people saying this guy is the next ronaldo are retarded. and who ever
    thinks welbeck is hella good, are even more retarded… welbeck is the
    worst united player of all time he doesnt score goals hes not a striker…
    hes better off on the wing or in a different team i hope he goes on loan or
    gets sold i hate that guy with a passion

  4. needs a little bit of work on crossing skills but very promising young lad
    with good touches on the ball so far in preseason compared to some of the
    other players looking a little rusty

  5. oh i didnt know we had the option to buy him back. thats reassured me
    slightly about united’s ability to keep young talent

  6. His touches are too big, and he has limited dribbling skills. But the
    potwntial is there, it just needs to be harnessed

  7. r u half retarded valencia couldnt even pull of these moves first off. and
    zaha is still young a shit give him time before u judge, people are dumb

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