25 thoughts on “Top 100 Man Utd Goals”

  1. We do like to chip the keeper a lot lol cantona’s goal should be higher
    than 16 

  2. Id say rooneys overhead was the very best. and it being the winner vs man
    city is a bonus

  3. I love watching Paul Scholes celebrate, he always looks genuinely ecstatic,
    no arrogance, he smiles like it’s his first ever goal at Old Trafford, and
    watching that can put a smile on any person’s face!

  4. we stood a better chance against Murinhos Inter the year they won the CL.
    couldn’t believe it when we were eliminated that year. winning 3-0, a lucky
    goal of theirs on 45′ and fabios/or rafaels red card. it killed us. 

  5. I miss so many of these players!! But mainly the unsung hero Scholes! So
    amazing. A true legend. I wish I could say the same for Ronaldo, as much as
    I miss him and he was the most gifted player we’ve had I can’t say he was a
    legend. Not in my eyes anyway. I do miss seeing him in a utd shirt

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