Iain Ramsay Impressed by Sven Goran Eriksson

Iain Ramsay lauded praise on Philippines manager Sven Goran Eriksson for his presence at the Asian Cup in January. The Australian forward used to play for the likes of Adelaide United, Sydney FC, and Melbourne City. However, he was able to the present Philippines at the Asian Cup due to his Filipino roots. There has been a lot of positive news for Philippines soccer in the last couple of years and one them was the appointment of Eriksson as the manager a couple of years ago. Even though Philippines left the Asian Cup without any victory, there were multiple positives for the national team at this tournament.

Ramsay did not feature regularly at this tournament and was on the fringes of the starting line-up. However, the experience of working with the former England got seems to have left a big impression on the 31-year-old.Ramsay claims that it was important for the Philippines to qualify for the Asian Cup as it improves the profile of the football team in the country. It presents a great way to get new fans and talented player away from other sports. The football Federation in the country has been doing a lot of effort in order to improve the popularity of the sport and the quality of the national team. One of the chief efforts was to bring Eriksson as the manager back in October, and he has been able to get the Azkals success in the Suzuki Cup apart from qualifying for the Asian Cup.
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Sven Goran Eriksson Experiencing Big-Game Atmosphere with AFF Suzuki Cup

Philippines national team coach Sven Goran Eriksson says that the AFF Suzuki Cup has the same feeling of a World Cup. Philippines will be going into the tournament semi-final game against Vietnam with the first leg set to take place soon. Speaking ahead of this match, Eriksson says that the mood around the game is extremely similar to the bigger games found in tournaments like the European championships and the FIFA World Cup. He is of this opinion since the semi-final of the tournament is a crucial part.

The former England manager has great experience of the international tournaments after having been in charge of the England national team for several years. He has been unable to lift a major international trophy in his career but the experience amassed by the 70-year-old in various stages of his career happens to help quite a lot. The first leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup semi-final will be taking place at the Panaad Park and Stadium on December 2. This will be followed by the second leg. The experience of Eriksson can help Philippines achieve a positive result the national team has had a difficult time when it comes to the major tournaments but reaching the semifinals of theAFF Suzuki Cup is a significant boost to Philippines football.
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