Sweden was pitted in a tough group for the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifications

The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification draw results has already been announced and some nations were lucky while some others did not have such a pleasant placing and Sweden is one of the unfortunate ones as the Sweden nation was placed in what is considered to be the toughest group as they have to play against the likes of: France, Bulgaria, Belarus, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

Group A is already being labeled as the group of death due to the amount of top class nations and Sweden has their work cut out if they want to advance into the next World Cup.

Before having any hopes of qualifying to the 2018 World Cup, Sweden has to focus in advancing through the 2016 Euro’s and so far they have managed to hold their ground and are located in the 2nd spot of Group G with 12 points having been gathered from the 6 matches which have been played so far at this point in time.

One of the issues that the Sweden national side might face is the fact that the team of Erik Hamrén is starting to build a dependency on ZlatanIbrahimovic and this is evident by the amount of goals that Sweden has been scoring in their past few matches.

ZlatanIbrahimovic has scored 5 goals in the 3 latest matches of Sweden’s group stages of the 2016 Euro’s.

Having a big reliance on a specific player can be an issue as the team will be limited to how the player is performing. This is what used to happen with Barcelona and Lionel Messi a few years ago but the Spanish team has been able to learn to live without the Argentine wonder-boy, Barcelona still depends on Messi but not as much as they used to some time ago.

Austria and Sweden are at the top of Group G of the group stages from the 2016 Euro’s and they are the favorites of making it through. This international tournament is a great opportunity for the Swedish nation to prepare themselves for their 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification campaign which is looking extremely tough.