25 thoughts on “Stop Complaining, Manchester United Fans | True Geordie, Tough Talk”

  1. We’ll have MORE from the True Geordie tomorrow as he previews the Newcastle
    / Manchester City match. Check back with us!

  2. If you can’t support United when they lose, don’t support United when they

  3. I live outside of England and I support united till the day I die! And I
    support moyes! Not all “foreign” fans are plastic! #GGMU

  4. It’s not the united fans, it’s the gloryhunters who aren’t from manchester
    who have only known success for their entire lives.

  5. Supporting your local team is bullshit. That was only common place because
    it was not as easy to get around the country. Let me ask you this, if you
    were born in Swansea but then move to North London, do you change your team
    because Swansea are no longer your local team? Because you should if you
    follow that logic. Anyone who insists on supporting their local team
    “because they are local” are deluded, if the team was made up of people who
    were born and bred in said place, I’d see the logic in it, but they aren’t.
    What is local about Man City for example? Foreign owners, Foreign players,
    Foreign manager.

  6. I am a Untied fan and this guy speaks sense, I am behind Moyes, he needs

    All these plastic fans either need to get a grip or piss off, either way I
    don’t care. We will be back where we belong, at the top, very soon.

  7. i agree as a united fan but moyes isnt doing what he could do… we HAVE
    been plagued by injury and bad form but moyes never was the right man for
    the job. not to mention that as much as i agree that rome was not built in
    a day the squad SAF had wasnt half the team that won the league last
    season. moyes inherited a league winning side which had clear flaws that
    could easily have been ironed out with the huge transfer budget but all he
    has done so far with it was bring in Guilmero Varela (who has good
    potential) and an overpriced afro. i dont expect united to constantly win
    the league but to be 7th and have old trafford turned into a point
    distribution centre clearly says that something has to be done. in this
    past year the only difference in the club was the coaches and the manager.
    and that is clearly the problem that has to be ironed out. thats why i
    think moyes should be fired


  8. Stop talking about your history and you’re just jealous you don’t have the
    money other clubs do 

  9. An angry bitter Geordie? We’ll you’re a dime a dozon. Go find a horse to
    punch you bloated alcho.

  10. I’m glad people are finally seeing the United squad for what it is, I
    really do think that Fergies decision to retire had a lot to do with the
    squad he had. IMO, last seasons title was won primarily from sheer spirit,
    determination and motivation that Fergie gave those players and RVPs goals
    of course. The midfield and defense just doesn’t look up to standard for me
    and the aging defense and central midfield is really concerning. The worst
    part is Moyes, you won’t get very far with that man in charge but by all
    means I’m a Liverpool fan, give the man a five year plan.

  11. Nice! Im an American Man. Utd fan and I stand behind my guys with or
    without Moyes.

  12. He didn’t leave him with a shit squad and I’m a united fan but I haven’t
    been bitching and moaning like the others and making excuses but I agree
    with you that Moyes needs more time but ffs he needs to pick it up

  13. i am spporting my team and you are absoltely right dude but you should say
    stuff about saf …… he achieved so much with us

  14. I can see a positive in United’s recent form… At least the glory hunters
    are going away now

  15. Agree with am hardly anybody supports their local team I’m from wexford
    Ireland and like to see my team on tv I support Liverpool since I was 6 I
    don’t support wexford utds I want them to do well and every thing but I
    don’t have a jersey and the computer won’t tell me the score plus they have
    no chance of play in Europa league not to metion the league I play for
    wexford Celtic under 12

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