Senators of the United States do not want Russia to host the 2018 World Cup

A few days ago it was confirmed and revealed to the public that 13 U.S senators have asked the international soccer organization FIFA to start considering another country instead of Russia as the host for the upcoming 2018 World Cup.

One of the main reasons of why these senators do not want Russia to host the forthcoming competition is because of the ‘’ ongoing violations of the territorial integrity of Ukraine’’.

There were a number of lawmakers hailing from U.S. which are saying that allowing the 2018 World Cup to take place will inappropriately bolster the prestige of Vladimir Putin when it should be condemned instead of improved.

These lawmakers include: The Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson, the Illinois Democrat Richard Durbin and the Arizona Republican John McCain. All of them have told the former FIFA president Sepp Blatter to start considering using another country as host instead of Russia as it’s simply not the ideal location according to them.

A suggestion and proposition that these lawmakers made was to organize an extraordinary congress in order to vote and decide if whether or not the 2018 international soccer competition would be held in another country.

“As you know, nearly a full year has passed since unmarked Russian troops and Russian-backed separatists began their dismemberment of Ukraine,” the Senators said.

Despite all of the opposition that has been made not only by the U.S senators but also from a number of different sources, FIFA and especially Sepp Blatter continue their support of using Russia as hosts but the pressure that was building around the forthcoming World Cup as well as the corruption scandals that has been going on, it seems like the pressure was just too much for Blatter to handle as he resigned as the president of FIFA on June 2.