Ronaldo Announces Huge Pressure On Brazil

Brazil’s World Cup winning star Ronaldo has claimed that this current national team faces a huge pressure to win the title playing in front of their supporters. Brazil will be hosting the World Cup 2014. As the five-time winners of the competition, there is expectation that they will be able to lift the trophy to bring an end to the dominance of Spain. Even when they are not playing well, people of Brazil expect the national team to win. Such is the pressure of playing for Brazil, which Ronaldo claims that will not be easy.

Ronaldo lifted two World Cup titles with the national team, while he also holds the record for the most number of goals scored in the World Cup finals. His record is in danger of being broken by Germany striker Miroslav Klose, but Ronaldo is hoping that his record lives on. Brazil has not won the trophy for the last several years, while the people have been engaged in an uprising against the government due to the enormous spending they have carried out especially in terms of the stadium development.

However, the government has not paid enough attention to local infrastructure, which was the foremost aspect expected to be developed when Brazil were awarded the rights to host the competition.

“The players, when they don’t know if they are going to win or lose, by definition, they are under enormous pressure. Of course, playing in your own country is an additional responsibility. Brazilian people of course hope that all is prefect with Brazil winning. We have a great team, but the pressure is huge. But hasn’t it always been very, very important for the Brazilian team as the favorite? So the Brazilian players are just used to this huge pressure,” said Ronaldo, who recently retired from playing after a stellar career.