19 thoughts on “pinoy soccer RJ gabriel”

  1. @linkingpark88 and perhaps someday you have to join the azkal national team
    brother. show our south east potential there! be a famous player bro.
    Anyway, hv you ever heard alesandro trabucco from cesena of junior team? he
    is a half indonesia. btw, I am Indonesian. Regard.

  2. galing dude! improve mo pa tapos magpasa ka sa Nokia Football Crazy para
    may entry nman ang pinoy! Keep it up!

  3. yeah.. filipinos should play soccer most not basketball coz: 1 a lot of us
    are short 2 we were colonized by 300 years by spain 3 i can’t think of any

  4. hey im a filipino footballer from philippines ,mindanao…ahmm..may i
    ask…how old are u..???

  5. do you know where i can buy Liverpool Jersey? I cant find the store in some
    mall in the metro!!! I want Torres jersey!!!

  6. im not being a hater or anything but, u dont know how to dribble… im just
    saying, i mean, u can do a round the world, juggling but u need to improve
    you dribbling a bit dude 🙂

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