25 thoughts on “‘Moyes Needs To Go’ | Manchester United 2-2 Fulham | REVIEW”

  1. Its not Note’s fault he will develop into a fine manager given the time,
    believe it or not Fergie did worse in his first season

  2. I have to agree, Moyes has no charisma and it shows not only on his face on
    the sideline, not only when he’s uninspiring in press conferences but worst
    of all it shows ln the 11 gentlemen on the grass. Moyes out! Somebody in, I
    don’t care who, as long DM is gone.

  3. All I can say as a United fan is wait for next season to turn this shambles
    around. Get new players and moyes out he is NOT good enough. 

  4. Rene’s tactics were simple: only allow space in the wings, load the penalty
    box with 7-8 players (including that 6 feet 7 inch giant). So he only
    allowed United to cross and made sure the crosses could be dealt with.
    Smart? I don’t think that’s the way to play football.

  5. “We’re the best team in the world” Hahahaha typical view of a typical,
    dulusional Man U(factured)td fan. 

  6. when Fergie brought in Moyes they were talking abut upholding the tradition
    of the club…….Moyes and pundits want us to believe they were talking
    about Utd’s wingplay as its tradition…the actual tradition was that Man
    utd have never had a foreign manager, that’s why Moyes was picked ahead of
    the Klopp’s & Murinho’s….Though we all want the likes of Klopp in i see
    more chance of Utd sticking with moyes or bringing in Pardew, Feels like
    united never want a foreign manager even though they are better than most
    of the british ones.

  7. Man Uttd is the biggest club in the world!!!685 million supporters around
    the world!!

  8. I do agree with a lot of comments about DM getting rid of the staff. That
    was the biggest blunder he made. It’s haunting him now.

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