25 thoughts on “Marouane fellaini 2013 | Goals and Skills & Goals ● Welcome To Manchester united 2013 [HD] ●”

  1. Rooney up front, behind him Fellaini Kagawa. With some attacking wingers
    and you’d be surprised. We lacking that target man up front (insert

  2. 27 million for him!!! OMG, we could of bought so many amazing players with
    that amount..

  3. overrated. im sorry to say, well atleast not worth $28mill even looking at
    these clips

  4. did you seriously show his fifa stats?? youre a fucking idiot fifa is
    ruining football for the little kids and arabs that think they know all
    about it

  5. Am an Everton fan and united fans believe me when he come to Everton he was
    awful for his first season but when he adapted to the style of play he was
    arguably out best player bar baines hes only young give him time and you
    will realise he is a great player! Plus he destroyed yers at gooduson last
    season wouldn’t of won without him!

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