25 thoughts on “Manchester United Bolton | Cristiano Ronaldo Debut August 16, 2003”

  1. first time i watched him play and my sixth sense just told me that there
    was something special about him. it’s a different experience when you’re
    following someone’s career from the very beginning and you see them grow
    into a superstar – you almost feel like you’re part of the journey, lol.
    had the pleasure of seeing him in person in 2013 – 10 years after i first
    watched him play. legend. 

  2. People feel the same excitement when januzaj touches the ball, wish he gets
    better. Btw im not comparing him with cristiano.

  3. I don’t think Ronaldo is the best, nor do I like him very much. It’s
    undeniable, however, how important this moment is for the sport.

    I think it’s even more amazing how much insight Ferguson had on finding
    Ronaldo. Everything Ronaldo is now, he owes to Ferguson. A legendary player
    found by a legendary coach. 

  4. 19:18 what a cross what a start what a legend you are Big respect to
    the sir for this great player

  5. Wtf, Is it just me or does it sound like the reporter says at 28:07 Fuck
    him half an hour? And Alex responds 28:13 I felt like the penetration he
    can give you

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