25 thoughts on “Manchester United’s Phil Jones Interview – Talks About His Funny Face Twitter Craze”

  1. He’s still young, he has a ways to go. How he is now is phenomenal, he can
    play defense, centre mid, and can make dangerous runs… I believe he can
    be a true figure of united, or any team in a couple years 

  2. Vidic saves Ferdinand time and time again he’s terrible. He’s not good
    enough for united.

  3. Correction, Van Dar Sar went 1,302 minutes without conceding a goal in the
    league, that’s a world record. Rio was at the top of his game that season.
    United for life.

  4. Rio Ferdinand, Vidic, & Van der Sar helped us set the premier league record
    for most games without conceding a goal, 11 games, 1032 minutes, if that’s
    a joke then i’ll gladly keep laughing. Yes compared to past teams at United
    this current crop isn’t the best but I know for a fact it isn’t the worst.
    United have only lost 3 league games since the beginning of the season,
    Moyes has a better record than SAF had after his first 10 games. We are
    undefeated in the cups, what exactly is the problem?

  5. I don’t think Jones is all that bad, but the ones you mention, other then
    Januzaj are shite to be fair. Valencias good to be fair. Compared to
    players i’ve seen at united your team in absolute shit these days mate.
    haha are you laughing at our record transfer? you guys paid £30 million for
    Rio Ferdinand thats the biggest joke of all haha!

  6. Are you smoking crack? He just started two games in a row…and he scored a
    wonderful volley too ontop of his man of the match perfomance. get real and
    stop hating

  7. haha forgot to mention jones huh? or chicharito, or welbeck, or rafael, or
    fabio, or smalling, or buttner, nani, valencia, young, januzaj, most of
    those players havent even touched 24 yet. United have a good foundation.
    atleast we dont pay 50million for a striker who only scores two goals every
    calender year. bwahahahaha.

  8. truth hurt? the only player you got who’s worth having is rooney van persie
    is old arsenal had his best years and people like kagawa, ferdinand,
    welbeck, cleverly the list goes on are absolute shite.

  9. Yeah, what does Sir Alex Ferguson know? He’s only one of the best football
    managers the world has ever seen, who has managed many of the best players
    the world has ever seen. And Jones is 21 for Christ’s sake. Most centre
    backs don’t hit their peak until they’re about 26-28. If he’s an average
    player in 7 years feel free to send Sir Alex a postcard but until then I’d
    put some faith in the opinion of the Premier League’s most successful

  10. I agree he’s a class player, just needs more game time in his preferred
    position although I like him as a DM since he can defend well and still
    make good runs forward, him and evans as a future partnership is a great
    prospect, i’m glad I got the chance to meet him and shook his hand lol

  11. Yeah saying he’s potentially Uniteds best ever player I think is a bit of a
    daft comment. He’s very average as far as Premier League Centre Backs go,
    he rarely even makes Uniteds first team.

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