25 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic 2-0 Tunnelcam, FA Community Shield 2013 Official”

  1. Anyone would think Van Persie had just won the Champions League the way he
    is hanging on to the Community Shield lol

  2. Rvp has become our main player lol carrying the trophy and all that hahah
    it is deserved tho I think we defos need a good striker instead of Rooney
    then and Anderson and smalling out. And replacements for clevz and Jones
    and a left mid is available I rekon well only get a mid tho and a defender
    if we’re lucky -_-

  3. Isnt it funny all the other fans going into this video calling us
    gloryhunters xD i find it sad.

  4. you can see it very slowly, but moyes hands the refs money when they shake
    hands 😉

  5. Jones is a quality player, has tons of potential for saying he is only 21
    and was the player that Fergie trusted with the very hard job of defending
    against Ronaldo.

  6. Your welcome & thank your mom for passing you through the ass cos you hate
    the cunt 😀

  7. 5:14 “remember what you said about… You know” maybe talking about no
    rooney questions in the interview

  8. Awkward how Old trafford isn’t even in Manchester (strictly speaking) so
    now he looks twice the tosser for the first comment 😉

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