25 thoughts on “Manchester united vs Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 2013 Goals & Highlights (11-12-2013) HD”

  1. Nice result for a team that some people have already written off.Please
    improve from here.

  2. Man U lack motivation, they need a good bollocking and dock the wages they
    have played shit, Moyes covering for them.. get a grip and sort them out,
    the players need to accept their poor performances, they can’t even get the
    basics right, passing, crossing, formation, defending.. biggest one I
    noticed.. making space when off the ball basic triangle formation so you
    have someone to pass to.. I see it time and time again no options or anyone
    to pass to going forward… and when you cross aim outside the 6yrd box,..
    make the keeper think should I come to the ball or wait on the line.. then
    people should always run to that area.

  3. Manchester United 1 – 0 Shaktar Donetsk

    Manchester united vs Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 2013 Goals & Highlights
    (11-12-2013) HD

  4. Another goal from a poorly defended set-piece. Bravo United, bravo. We’ll
    see you in the Intertoto Cup next season.

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