25 thoughts on “Manchester United Top 10 Teamplay Goals 2013 (HD)”

  1. in 4:55 when Hernandez scores, he says: what a fantistic goal from Michael

  2. Van Persie is the epitome of a striker…hes ten times he player Ronaldo
    ever was…he is legendary

  3. Jesse, great work. Love watching this.. keep them coming Best you tuber –
    for football – by far

  4. I think the goal vs Man City (we win 3-2, FA community shield) is also a
    good one , it deserves a spot in the top 10 :D

  5. Come on You Red Devils Show the world what you can do ……And reach the
    top of the table where you actually belong ….

  6. I really enjoyed this. It’s amazing when you step back from it and look at
    the team overall and how they play together…..it’s beautiful

  7. Kagawa is not that crisp these days. That said, he doesn’t get much
    exposure. So it’s 50% moyes fault! and 50% kagawa’s

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  9. well, it’s not about the connection, if his connection is bad then the
    video would lagging only for him, it has nothing to do with the connection,
    this video is in HD definitely, however some of the videos has got a bad
    quality because it got recorded by phone I assume, now HD won’t solve this
    problem, HD won’t convert any bad quality to a BluRay quality, he has to
    use the 720 option at least if there is no 1080p, in my opinion he doesn’t
    even know what HD is I guess so… it’s HD for sure thing

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