25 thoughts on “Manchester United Season Review 2012 13 by @aditya_reds”

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  2. errm, please tell me what you know about football… -_- Im not even going
    to bother educating a gloryhunting cunt like you.

  3. when sir alex ferguson was there liverpool 1-2 man utd ….but when moyes
    is here liverpool 1-0 man utd caan you see the differents moyes is a bad
    coach for united i hope he leaves united soon

  4. 1. Man Utd are going through a period of change 2. ‘Best player’ has lived
    in Manchester for 5+ years and he was never a fan of Liverpool. (He
    supported Everton) 3. Typical Liverpool fan logic, just cause your not in
    Manchester, you can’t be a fan.

  5. when sir alex firgison was there manchester city 2-3 manchester united
    …but when moyes is here manchester city 4-1 manchester united can u see
    the differents moyes is a bad coach for united i hope he leaves united soon

  6. Well, now they’re a mid-table side 😉 Scottish manager, best player is a
    scouser, 90% fans are foreign. Sums it up really.-_-

  7. in my opinion all man u fans are gr8 only if they have a reason for
    supporting man u like a family relative does or you live there or born
    there etc. but if you do for the glory then your glory seekers who have no

  8. this is what most man u fans would have reacted. oh shit southampton were
    gonna get thrashed

  9. Where do u download your clips i wanna make a video but i dont know how to
    get them please help

  10. Free Manchester United Fixtures with date and time updates and more

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