8 thoughts on “Manchester United Football Club, Morgans dream comes true.”

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  2. While walking through the tunnels under the stadium, we took a wrong turn
    into the actual “boot room” while the camera was rolling, the boots were
    being cleaned at the time, It was quite a surreal experience. If you are a
    football fan, and you manage to find yourself in Manchester, check this
    out, it is well worth it. Thanks for your comment Dino.

  3. You will love it… we were pretty excited with the access they gave us.
    (Same access as every visitor)

  4. Have fun mate, such a great stadium. The atmosphere in that stadium would
    be incredible. Thanks for watching.

  5. Im doing this when I go to England for sure. My dad has done it even bought
    me a ManU shirt. Cheers guys

  6. Really!!! Thats Awesome!!! Its my dream to see these guys play. I have seen
    the Spurs play when they were cup champs. Would love to see ManU play too.
    And walk into this place =)

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