25 thoughts on “Manchester United 2014 Preview | UNITED RAMBLE | Ep 3 – 2 of 2”

  1. The lads have some January transfer talk + make their predictions about how
    they think 2014 will go for Manchester United. What do you want our
    players’ resolutions to be, this year?

  2. I think we will win the treble, i aint being too confident either, we’re
    still in champions league, I think we’re unbeaten in CL under Moyes.. we
    aint far off top 4.. and we got a semi coming up… ye… semi… :)

  3. Liverpool having one of their greatest ever PL seasons? I’m sorry but baldy
    talks so much smack, not the first time.

  4. Come on, give Liverpool some credit. I know you lot hate each other but to
    say this is Liverpool’s best season in the Premier League is just nonsense.
    As an unbiased Arsenal fan, that is blatantly untrue. Liverpool finished
    with 86 points in 2008/09. Other times they have reached 80 pts, 83 pts,
    mid 70s over the years. They have slowly building themselves up after a
    disastrous period. I think a fairer statement would be that they are having
    a good season in comparison to recent years.

  5. People keep saying we won’t get these players in January because they’re
    too expensive, cup tied and might not want to join a team which can’t 100%
    guarantee CL football next season. In my mind, these are EXACTLY the
    reasons why we need to buy in January. Spending £10m more to secure a
    player in January could be the difference between CL football or not, which
    is £50m straight away. If we don’t get CL football because we didn’t finish
    top 4, those fans saying ‘We won’t get anyone good until summer’ can forget
    about that. We won’t get anyone good in the summer if we can’t offer CL and
    have a manager most players haven’t heard much of. Also, who cares if the
    new player(s) can’t play in the CL this season, that’s not why we need
    players. It’s got so bad this season that our aim is top 4, the player not
    being able to play in the CL is irrelevant. We need to spend in January,
    bring in the players we actually need and also get rid of the ones we don’t
    and who cares if we have to overpay. This is our fault anyway, for not
    spending in the summer, and it could actually save us millions if we make
    top 4 when we might otherwise have not.

  6. Rio , Vidic , Carrick , Giggs all need to go we need some FRESH young legs
    around the team 

  7. Get rid of Evra, I can’t stand to see another goal conceded from him
    getting burned on the left side. Need a left back now!

  8. I don’t understand why Ed Woodward/David Moyes never made an enquire about
    Cabaye.i mean its clear as water he is the best possible player we can
    get.I may be a fifa player but some of those rumour we are running is.50m
    for barkley,40m for rues,30m for koke don’t even make sense.

  9. This season is over no tittle 4 us this season and we probably won’t win
    the champions league

  10. 5 years ago when Ronaldo left, they said it’d be the
    beginning of the end. 5 years ago when we lost 2-0
    to Barcelona, they said we’d never get the chance

    again. 7 years ago when Chelsea had won back to
    back PL titles, they said 19 was just a magical
    number. 20 years ago some scousers dismissed our
    8th PL title, they told us to comeback when we
    had 18 PL titles. In 1995 when we crashed out in
    group stages, they said we are not good enough for
    Europe and we went on to win the most dramatic
    title in 1999. 10 years ago when Arsenal went
    undefeated, they said United would never be the
    same. 66 years ago when our 8 players died in the
    Munich crash, they said the dreams also died with
    the players.
    However, here we stand with 20 titles, better than
    anyone else. We have been defying critics for over
    100 years now so haters, enjoy your rare moment
    of happiness thinking United will go down forever,
    you truly deserve this rare moment after all the
    success United have had for the past 21 years with
    trophies and victories!
    Manchester United will never die! Glory Glory
    Manchester United!

  11. I can see contrao a decent replacement for evra and in terms of midfield I
    think cabye is a player that would want CL football which is something I
    very much doubt he will get at Newcastle in the next few seasons.

  12. So apparently we’ve verbally agreed a contract with koke, Everton ribieros
    having a medical in the coming days and we’ve allegedly signed fabio
    Coentrao yet moyes has apparently said we won’t be doing any business
    during January to the mirror, what is even going on 

  13. i see koke scored the winner for athletico last night i also see gollum
    hasnt done fuck all yet in the window and isnt even mentioning wanting to
    sign some 1 finding it hard to back him now hes annoying me

  14. am shocked that none of you mentioned that we have recalled our loan
    players: lingard, petrucci, macheda, keane, blackett, amos. 2 MID + 2 DEF +
    1 GK a bit more to throw into the mix even if we don’t sign in january,
    this is a win,
    even if giggs stops playing, or rio did something( god know what he would
    do), or we sold anderson and nani we should be good to go for a top4
    finish and a trophy

  15. So Moyes says we won’t sign anyone in January… I would not mind if he got
    fired to be fair. Absolute disgrace

  16. After the Spurs result, I think Moyes should put the PL and reaching the
    top 4 as a priority. Next season in the summer, players won’t care if we
    won the FA or Capital One Cup, they will be looking at playing in the CL or
    challenging for the title. In January, I think Moyes will go for big
    players like Koke, Gundogan and such, but he won’t land any of them. I
    think then he will buy in the last 5 or 6 days players like Cabaye, Baines
    and such. This season is a disaster and I honestly can’t wait for next
    season. Look at Liverpool. Last season they were just like United,
    horrible signings and bad results. After a successful Jan window where they
    bought Coutinho and Sturridge, and buying squad players in the summer, I
    think they have massively improved. As much as I hate to say this, we
    should follow the Liverpool blueprint. Players are available in January,
    but we just have to find them. Looking in the Brazilian League and
    Portuguese is promising because players are cheap. Honestly, anyone we sign
    could be an upgrade on Cleverely or Young. One more thing, I am behind
    David Moyes, but slowly loosing faith in him. He should get the older
    players performing because they are the spine of the team. If RvP gets
    injured a lot, tailor a special regime for him. Pay Rooney what he wants.
    God help us. 

  17. Tom cleverly will never be a great player, he hides in far too many
    matches, he is too afraid of making a mistake and passes either to the side
    or back.

  18. lol moyes said we dont need any new signings.. erm mate we are 8th on the
    table.. no way close to strong as champion leagues team.. and manchester
    city still in the FA cup.. so this season has been a charity sheild
    season.. good one. 

  19. my birthday is on January 16th hopefully united will make a amazing signing
    on my bithday

  20. cup double and 4th is still possible. but really it would just be a relief
    if we made the top 4

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