25 thoughts on “Manchester United 2 – 0 Wigan FA Charity Shield 2013 All Goals (11.8. 2013) [HD]”

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  2. Why welbeck played insted of Kagawa??..

  3. This is Old Tafford , home of silverwares.Bravo to the players and the new
    coach !!!!!!!!!

  4. Why not alternate two of the greatest footballers in the world – Rooney and
    RVP swapping forward and midfield roles throughout a game? Imagine the
    utter havoc that combo would cause on defences?! Rooney’s proven he is also
    brilliant in midfield. RVP certainly is. It’s draining though so let them
    share it out and squeeze the best out of both.

  5. ROFL. They didn’t really manage to do anything until they got big help from
    the ref.

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