25 thoughts on “Manchester United 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur – David Moyes Post Match Interview”

  1. I can’t believe he’s smiling. I just can’t.

    On our performances thus far this season, we’re finishing fucking mid
    table. Taking the champions to mid table is nothing to fucking smile about
    Moyes. You look like a fish out of water at Old Trafford.

    You’ve won fuck all in your career and it fucking shows.

  2. 1:03 Sir Alex was always in control of those that interviewed him Moyes got

  3. Even his former club are fairing better after TWENTY GAMES LATER! COME ON!!
    no creativity in central mid, giggs & scholes were the best, no replacement
    for them till now shows clearly…

  4. Evans has no place on a top club. ROONEY was closer to defending a goal
    than he was. There’s small things too, like creating an offensive corner
    instead of passing the ball to Rooney when he was open, or taking forever
    to throw in the ball when every second counts…I really think Valencia
    would make a better right-back than a winger. He’s not creative enough in
    the final third, but his crossing and defending are strong. It’s an idea
    that a more clever manager would try.

  5. He seems relatively cool under pressure but that alone isn’t enough to
    manage united. Top 4 is starting to look like a serious doubt now

  6. We defended badly, played terrible, welbeck dived and the keeper did
    nothing wrong. Worrying to think Moyes said all this and actually believes
    it. ALSO, saying we played well shows his standards are not set high
    enough, he has a mid-table like mind set, and it pisses me off when he says
    we were unlucky. There’s no such thing as being unlucky we didn’t create
    any REAL chances besides the goal and deserved the loss. 

  7. Sir Alex picked Moyes because he’s a Scotsman, but he’s not a manager for a
    top team because he’s not a WINNER. Look at what Martinez has done with
    Everton; is it a surprise? No, because he won the League 1 with Swansea,
    and he won the FA Cup with Wigan. Choosing Moyes was Fergie’s biggest
    mistake in his entire career.

  8. Cant believe this, his attitude is like its not a big deal we lost and all
    is well, if this was his Everton then this situation would have been
    acceptable but not at Manutd somebody please tell him that. That cunt
    Rodgers is building a dynasty at Liverpool with a proper footballing
    philosophy and identity and here at UTD we have two ways of playing. 1-Pass
    the ball to Valencia(one of the most average players to have played for us
    in recent times) and he will hit 90mph cross which will not clear the 1st
    defender or will go past everyone.
    2-Give it to the overlapping Evra to cross and hope someone will come on
    the end of it. I am not going to say he should be fired coz people start
    slating you for being negative or saying plastic n all but Moyes is
    certainly not good enough atm, his coaching methods look prehistoric from
    outside. Look at Rafael and RVP both used to be injury prone but understood
    there body and trained accordingly but since Moyes has arrived its the same
    old story of them getting injured. People shouting about the transfer
    window and buying players like Reus and Koke but why would they want to
    join us? Atletico Madrid will thrash us if we had to face them now and Reus
    is the posterboy of German football along with Goetze so why would he risk
    joining a team who cant guarantee UCL next season. Sir Alex Ferguson
    assured the fans multiple times that United wont go down the Liverpool way
    once he retires by saying that 1-The club is healthy financially 2- Is in
    good hands in terms of owners(which obviously is not) 3-Has a core of young
    players who will be around for a long time. But now he has left its looking
    all dim and bleak and the very squad which won everything looking
    absolutely mediocre.

  9. This January should be fun. De Rossi khediera Herrera fabregas all turned
    him down. No name players will wanna play for him so he should go for
    matrix pjanic bender of Leverkusen, the only reason sneaker awants to go
    there is course no other big team wants him and he can make a shit load of

  10. You can go crazy over the result but really, ManU’s season was never going
    to be decided by the games like Spurs at OT. It’s the ones against the
    Villas, the Newcastles and the Hulls and the Stokes which will determine
    your season and whether you finish in the top half.


  11. how the fuk can moyes say the players played really well.rooney played bad
    welbek was shit even though he scored but juzange was ok veliencea could
    not cross for shit look im nt a plastic fan but moyes dont lie and look
    happy when u got beaten and r 7th 

  12. The squad is the squad thats the players we got, they are the players we
    support, put some shoes on and do it yourself, or shut the hell up!

  13. Capoue shut Rooney down all night so he got frustrated and copped a
    booking, and spurs just look like a team reformed since AVB got sacked,
    defending like they did at the beginning of the year but scoring goals
    through adebayor and a new attacking mentality, Man U just played like
    they’ve played all year

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