25 thoughts on “Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea – David Moyes Post Match Interview – Put In Bid For Gareth Bale?”

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  2. Rooney failed to give the ball to Van Persie on two major occasions. If he
    keeps on doing that, he’d better leave. I would have liked to see Kagawa
    teaming up with RVP.

  3. You must be a mad Arsenal fan because your lack of signings and people not
    waning to go to your club because all you can get is 4th place

  4. He plays Man Utd conservatively like he did at Everton, he still has a mid
    table club mentality. Man Utd aren’t creating nearly as many chances as
    they did last season but it’s still early days. Also, this transfer window
    was pathetic but Woodward can be blamed for that although Moyes’ targets
    were questionable.

  5. Ronaldo will NEVER sign for City his most likely destination if chose to
    leave Real would be PSG or Monaco. Also, Liverpool are not a “lower league
    team” they’re definitely champions league contenders but it won’t come easy
    for them or anyone for that matter.

  6. To go to another club in England it would need to a lot more than Madrid
    have offered. Cant see United bidding that much, Bale isn’t worth spending
    85+ million imo.

  7. Would be nice, but I doubt Spurs would do that. They wouldn’t sell to a
    rival team. (Assuming United even actually bid.) They would probably rather
    sell to Real.

  8. hasnt done anything poor at Man Utd yet, already had a better start than
    Ferguson did at Utd, because Moyes won his first league match away
    4-1…nothing poor about that

  9. Skysports say he ‘denies bale bid’ on this interview? wtf hahah im so
    optimistic now

  10. Lack of help from referees is going to sink man u to 10th in the league
    then rvp will leave, coutinho and ozil will light up the league only to be
    sold on to bayern n barca real madrid will learn a harsh lesson for buying
    that donkey bale and selling ozil real will not be heard of much this
    season and spurs will be found crying somwhere

  11. United have been hard done by this season in terms of the way games have
    gone.. but I don’t think the lampard handball was on purpose.. I have read
    the rules over and over and I’ not sure if it should have been a penalty.
    It used to be simply if the hands are in an un-natural position but that is
    not the case any more.

  12. Got to say…..really impressed with moyes…..,it takes guts to play
    rooney against chlsea who had bided for him twice…….how he says “jose
    got one thing right,this is a specal club.”he looks the part……GGMU

  13. chelsea clearly sat back and played for the draw , just shows who the
    better team is really doesnt it , also mourinho using his old tactics again
    trying to win matches with negative football , not gona work against the
    big sides!

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